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Cricket connects its smartphones to Devicescape’s growing Wi-Fi network

Cricket Communications is just a few regulatory approvals away from being swallowed up by AT&T, but that hasn’t stopped the regional mobile carrier from devising new services for its customers. Cricket’s corporate parent Leap Wireless on [...]

The Ubuntu Edge campaign is in trouble, and here’s why

The more I track how Canonical is handling the crowdfunding campaign for its Ubuntu Edge smartphone, the more I think it’s going to fail. I get this feeling partly from watching the growing disparity between funds [...]

The Find wants to be your ultimate shopping search engine for the iPad

One of the biggest question marks in online retail is how customers are going to find the things you want to sell them. In brick and mortar stores, it’s not a big deal: Customers walk in, [...]

The grand ambitions of Google Ventures

At a time when it’s easy for tech entrepreneurs to find money, the top venture capital (VC) firms need more than cash to stand out. So in a quest to become a top-tier VC firm, Google Ventures [...]

Feedly adds 3M new users in 2 weeks, updates mobile apps, and plans premium version

With Google set to kill off Google Reader as of July 1, Feedly has emerged as a popular alternative for those in search of a new RSS reader. Feedly announced Monday that it’s picked up 3 million [...]

Report: Tablets to Outship Desktops This Year

Tablet PCs will outship desktop PCs for the first time this year, catapulting us into a true "post-PC era," according to a report by researcher IDC. Shipments of tablet PCs will surpass desktops as the former [...]

Reddit Launches Video Series

Reddit is testing the waters for a video brand extension with "Explain Like I'm Five," a series on YouTube based on a popular subreddit on the network. Launched Monday, the series has so far tackled the political [...]

Five companies that want to break up your cable bundle

Tired of paying $100 for hundreds of channels if you only watch five of them? You’re not alone: An increasing number of companies is also looking for alternatives to the traditional cable bundle. The alliance of [...]

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