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Twitter’s seven-year journey from idea to IPO

Dec. 4 - 5, 2013 Redwood City, CA Early Bird Tickets on Sale Twitter filed for an initial public offering today in what will likely be the stock market debut since Facebook’s $16 billion IPO in May 2012. It [...]

How Twitter Learned to Love Advertising

In anticipation of The Mashies, Mashable is running a weekly series celebrating some advertising "firsts." Watch for new installments in the series every week. More than four years passed between the time Jack Dorsey composed the [...]

Seven years later, here’s how Facebook is changing your News Feed so you’ll read more stories

One of the most uniquely Facebook and controversial features of the social network is how it ranks the items you see in the News Feed. Users want the News Feed to show them more interesting  items, [...]

Did Facebook miss a massive opportunity by building a walled garden instead of a truly open platform?

When Facebook first launched its platform strategy in 2007, it seemed as though a new world of opportunity had opened up for anyone interested in the social web — a kind of social operating system that [...]

Branch Launches Potluck, a Stress-Free Social Network

Likes. Retweets. Upvotes. Plus ones. Every social network seems to have a way of quantifying how well the posts you share perform among other users, but one new site is doing away with all that in the [...]

Twitter acquires what’s-happening-now-here startup Spindle

Twitter has acquired Boston-based local social startup Spindle, the “discovery engine for the social web.” Spindle announced on its blog today that is joining the flock and that its nine-person team will be moving to Twitter headquarters [...]

What Digg’s Google Reader replacement can teach us about the future of social news

Nothing rocked technology-oriented news junkies this year quite like the announcement that Google Reader will be shuttering its popular but apparently too-niche-to-continue product in July. After measuring that emotional response, many, including those orchestrating the second coming of [...]

Report: one in four online teens now use Twitter

What social networks are teens flocking to these days? That’s the billion dollar question as we see companies like Yahoo snapping up Tumblr in an effort to keep a younger audience. But teens are a tough [...]

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