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5 Considerations You Need To Review Before Investing In Data Analytics

Review Before Investing In Data Analytics Big data, when handled properly, can lead to big change. Companies in a wide variety of industries are partnering with data analytics companies to increase operational efficiency and make evidence-based business [...]

Hackers Infiltrate Payment Systems of Major Parking Garage Operator

After the number of major breaches affecting some of the largest retailers this year, some may feel uneasy as they approach the cashier to pay for their purchases. Now consumers have another place to worry about–parking [...]

Yandex browser’s tidy new interface puts Web apps first

A subdued address bar and revamped new-tab page gives the browser a clean look that the Russian company says is better suited to Web apps. Yandex plans a mobile-device version later. With video backgrounds on the overhauled [...]

Andy Rubin exits Google: Where are the robots?

Analysis “The future is looking awesome!” Andy Rubin tweeted almost a year ago. Back then, it was. Google had just acquired yet another robotics firm for Rubin, the founder and former head of Android, to run as part [...]

Logitech’s Case+ takes your iPhone 5S to the next level

 Bill Gates was wrong: The computerized hub for our lives isn’t the PC. The smartphone is. Don’t be too hard on the guy…he was only half wrong. The smartphone is still a computer, and a very personal one at [...]

Brain-to-brain technology allows for partial ‘mind control’

Humans could be much more efficient communicators if they could bypass language altogether and directly transmit thoughts, ideas and instructions from one brain to another. Scientists have demonstrated that instant brain-to-brain communication could become a reality [...]

5 Chrome extensions that make charity effortless

You probably only donate to charity a few times a year, at most — around holidays, in response to tragedies or maybe just when you finally think of it. Doing your part is both impactful and rewarding, [...]

Here Comes the Newest Version of Android: Lollipop

Google has officially revealed the new operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, that it previewed at Google I/O earlier this year. Until Wednesday, it had been code-named Android “L.” Google is calling Lollipop its “largest, most ambitious” Android [...]

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