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11 Reasons Why Pulling Messenger From Facebook Mobile Is a Terrible Idea

Facebook is making what could be its dumbest decision ever: It’s pulling chat out of the core Facebook app and forcing mobile users who want to chat to install its Facebook Messenger app. This is a terrible [...]

Facebook Finally Lets You Edit Posts

If autocorrect has ever ruined your Facebook post, your prayers have been answered. Facebook introduced the ability to edit status updates starting Thursday. The latest update for the Android Facebook app adds the ability to "edit [...]

Facebook Has a Quarter of a Trillion User Photos

In a white paper shared by Facebook Monday morning about Internet.org, the company's campaign to get the entire world online, Facebook also shared some interesting information about the size of its photo library Facebook users have [...]

Can Wearable Tech Improve the Music Festival Experience?

ClearHart Digital — the company behind the KillSwitch app that banishes ex-loves from your Facebook feed — is bringing its ethos to the outdoor music festival. The company, along with partner Esurance, launched its NFC-enabled Insider [...]

Facebook jumps $32B in 29 days to blast over 14-month old IPO price

ansik On July 2, Facebook stock was under $25. Today, a week after Facebook reported strong earnings and massive mobile ad sales, the world’s preeminent social network is in the the $37-$38 range, occasionally peeking over [...]

Seven years later, here’s how Facebook is changing your News Feed so you’ll read more stories

One of the most uniquely Facebook and controversial features of the social network is how it ranks the items you see in the News Feed. Users want the News Feed to show them more interesting  items, [...]

If Facebook Can Profit From Your Data, Why Can’t You?

It has become the Internet's defining business model: free online services make their money by feeding on all the personal data generated by their users. Think Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and how they serve targeted ads [...]

Did Facebook miss a massive opportunity by building a walled garden instead of a truly open platform?

When Facebook first launched its platform strategy in 2007, it seemed as though a new world of opportunity had opened up for anyone interested in the social web — a kind of social operating system that [...]

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