Social Media — 18 January 2016

Google Drive is a blessing to anyone who wants to collaborate on documents or organize their own work. But it can get to the point where there’s so much to keep track of that finding the right file or folder is a challenge.

Well things are getting better. Google announced a slate of improvements to Drive that will make organization way easier.

Now when you’re browsing files, the toolbar shows a “Move” icon for files already in your Drive. There’s also an “Add to My Drive” icon for everything else, so you can seamlessly transfer things over.

Similarly, when you’re previewing files, a new icon on the black toolbar at the top lets you add the file to any folder in “My Drive.”

The last addition of changes is in search results. When you’re searching for a file in your Drive, you can drag and drop files into any folder quickly and easily.

Source: mashable



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