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Yahoo Is Doubling Down On Mobile — Again

When I got to Yahoo, mobile was everyone’s hobby. It was no one’s job,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told Michael Arrington on stage today at Disrupt NY. Ever since Mayer joined Yahoo in July 2012, mobile has [...]

Why is Dan Loeb selling his Yahoo stock? And why now?

Like most of my colleagues, I have been caught in the smog of quarterly financial releases — some good, some bad, many mostly indifferent. Still, all that busy-ness made me almost overlook at that activist investor [...]

Yahoo continues spending spree by jumping into the bidding fray over Hulu

Yahoo has officially placed a bid to acquire popular video streaming service Hulu. Rumors came out earlier this month that Yahoo was interested in Hulu after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer met with members of Hulu’s executive team. [...]

Blades Cut Into Rack Mounted Servers’ Market Share – Here’s Why

Blades are trending. These space-and power-saving servers have a predicted growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent from 2010 to 2014 according to  TechNavio, a technology market research firm. That figure equals Facebook’s much more visible visitors-per-month [...]

Ex-Googler releases big update to Disconnect, a data-blocking tool

The rise of social media means companies are collecting more and more of our personal data every time we go online. The government has been slow to respond — or even understand — the issue, leading [...]

Google Glass auction hits $15,900 before eBay removes listing

The fashion world can keep its Chanel clutches and Jimmy Choo shoes; techies are more interested in getting their hands on Google Glass. A phony auction on eBay soared to nearly $16,000 for a pair of these [...]