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Say hello to “GoNote”, an Android laptop you won’t likely want

UK-based ErgoElectronics released a 10-inch Android notebook on Tuesday, calling it the creation of a “new product category.” That’s debatable because we’ve seen Android-based laptops in the past. Called the GoNote, this one uses Google Android 4.0, a [...]

Intel’s new Skylake chips will allow more flavors of the new MacBook

PCs are not dead. In fact, if you talk to Intel — which supplies the vast majority of today’s PC processors — they are absolutely resurgent. Now the company is focusing on delivering more power to [...]

Microsoft’s Windows Store Averaged 1.7M Daily Downloads In October

According to information Microsoft provides to developers, the Windows Store marketplace for applications on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 racked up roughly 1.7 million daily downloads, both free and paid, in October, a 38.56% increase since June.   Microsoft’s [...]

The Ubuntu Edge campaign is in trouble, and here’s why

The more I track how Canonical is handling the crowdfunding campaign for its Ubuntu Edge smartphone, the more I think it’s going to fail. I get this feeling partly from watching the growing disparity between funds [...]

Google goes big with free Wi-Fi campaign

Google is getting more aggressive when it comes to using public Wi-Fi as a promotional tool. It’s targeting another 4,000 hotspots around the country with free access through a new deal with Boingo. Google is buying sponsorship [...]

Here’s why tablets (yes, tablets!) will replace the smartphone

I’m sure to get the "you’re off your rocker" commentary on this one, but I make a living by looking ahead in the world of mobile technology. And what I see now is a trend that [...]

Google Nexus 7 review: Sets the small slate standard

Google didn’t surprise anyone when it announced its $199 8GB Nexus 7 tablet in late June; rumors of the small slate leaked on a weekly basis for months prior. What may surprise many consumers, however, is [...]

5 more tech deals that need to happen

Earlier this month, Microsoft made the deal of the year when it agreed to purchase enterprise social networking service Yammer. Meanwhile, the IPO market is dead after Facebook’s much-discussed botched issuance and subsequent valuation slide. Suddenly, [...]

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