Featured Article Investment — 22 January 2014

consolidating_on_blades_to_cut_costs_improve_availabilityWhen a major European telecommunications company decided to consolidate its infrastructure so it could more efficiently run multiple Oracle databases, it turned to HP for a blade-based solution, and the results were spectacular.

Like many enterprises, the company was running a multiplicity of different platforms and operating systems. At their heart was the “General Purpose Oracle Database Service,” or GPDB, which ran all the key databases as well as critical TIBCO middleware linked to 122 enterprise applications. The goal was to build a new GPDB infrastructure that could support multiple versions of Oracle Database. High availability for the TIBCO middleware was also critical to ensure that essential information would always be available for call center agents and for the very critical task of processing invoices.

After a thorough evaluation process, the company chose to replace its hodgepodge of servers and operating systems with an HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure built on HP Integrity Server Blades. The company also upgraded from Linux to HP-UX and implemented HP Serviceguard for seamless data protection. The migration project was completed over a one year period while ongoing operations proceeded in parallel.

The technical benefits of the migration included less hardware—from 54 systems to 21 HP Integrity server blades. The company also achieved significantly better availability compared to the old Linux cluster solution, and lower risk with the new disaster-tolerant infrastructure.

There were also financial benefits. Power costs were reduced 78 percent as a direct result of the switch to server blades and associated virtualization efforts. Operational costs were reduced 54 percent through increased efficiency in management and maintenance.

In addition to immediate benefits, the company now has a highly-scalable, future-ready infrastructure to support its anticipated growth and expansion.



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