How to Track Unsubscribes with Mail Merge for Gmail

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Mail Merge for Gmail gives you can easy option to add an “Unsubscribe” link to all your outgoing email campaigns. When an email recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, the status of their email address is set to UNSUBSCRIBED and you will not able to send email campaigns to unsubscribed users in your future mail merge campaigns.

You can also manually resubscribe any unsubscribed contact if they have unsubscribed from your campaigns by accident.

Inside your Google Sheet, go to Addons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Configure Mail Merge and expand the section that says “Enable Email Tracking”;

Provide a Campaign Name, check the option that says “Include an Unsubscribe Link” and also provide the text of the unsubscribe link.

How Unsubscribe Works in Mail Merge

When the unsubscribe option is checked, all outgoing emails sent through Gmail Mail merge will include a remove link in the message footer automatically.  The subscriber can click the link to opt-out of your future mailing lists.

When they click the unsubscribe link, they are taken to a special landing page confirming that their request for unsubscribing has been successfully recorded.

How to View Unsubscribed User Reports

Go to Add-ons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Campaign Reports > Open and Click Reports. This will open a list of email campaigns you’ve sent through Mail Merge. Click the Unsubscribe button in any specific campaign to generate a list of all email addresses that have unsubscribed from your mailing list via that particular campaign.

This will add a new “Unsubscribe Report” sheet in your Google Spreadsheet for Mail Merge. The report will include the following data to help you analyze the campaigns that resulted in the most unsubscribes:

  • Date when the message was sent to the user
  • Date when the user unsubscribed from the mailing list
  • Email address of the unsubscriber
  • Location / IP address from where the user unsubscribed
  • Web browser (or mobile browser) of the unsubscriber.

Here’s a sample unsubscribe report generated by Mail merge.


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