How to Make Pixel Paintings with Google Spreadsheets

Published in: Create Pixel Art with Google Sheets

It takes three easy steps to make pixel art with Google Sheets.

  1. Install Pixel Art for Google Sheets.
  2. Type in the browser to create a new Google Sheet. Go to Add-ons menu, choose Pixel Art and then select Open.
  3. Upload any image from your desktop, hit the Draw button and watch as your sheet magically transforms into beautiful art.

Check this Google Sheet for more examples.

How Pixel Art Works?

The underlying Google Script will now parse every single pixel of your image and write the corresponding hex color codes in the cells of the spreadsheet.

It will then set the background color of every cell as the color of the corresponding pixel in the uploaded image. If you have chosen the ‘emoji’ option, the cell will be filled with the closest emoji that matches the color of the pixel.

In the last step, the Google Script will resize the cells and turn them into perfect squares. That’s it. Your spreadsheet art is now ready.

Download Pixel Art

If you choose to transform your picture into emojis pixels, the script takes the average color of the pixel, finds the closest emoji and adds it to the corresponding cell in the sheet. The emoji module is based on the work of Monica Dinculescu.

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