See all your Google Contacts on a Google Map

Want to know where you friends and family are? Map My Contacts, an open-source web app, will help you quickly visualize the location of your Google contacts on a world map. It reads the addresses of people from your Google Contacts and puts them all on a Google Map using a simple Google Script.

Create a Google Map with your Google Contacts

Publish a Google Map of Google Contacts

It takes one easy step to turn your address book into a Google Map.

Open the Maps Web App and authorize the app. Authorization is required because the script needs to read the work (or home) addresses of your Google Contacts for geocoding. The app also needs access to Google Drive for saving the corresponding latitude and longitude of the addresses in a Google Sheet.

The Map My Contacts script is open-source and the source code is published under the MIT License. The app does not store or upload your data anywhere – read privacy policy.

Once you have granted authorization, the app will run for a few minutes, depending on how big your address book is, and generate a Google Map embedded in an HTML file. A KML file is also created in your Google Drive with markers (or placemarks) for every contact and you can double-click to open this file inside Google Earth.

Also, if you are not using Google Contacts as your primary address book, you can still use the apps to map your contacts. Just export the contacts data from your existing address book (like Outlook or Yahoo Mail) as a CSV file, import the file into the specified Google Sheets and run the app again.

Internally, the Google Apps Script reads the home and work postal addresses of your Google Contacts and then uses the geocoding service of Google Maps to transform these human-readable addresses into latitudes and longitude values. These points are then put in a KML file (see sample KML file) that can be viewed inside Google Earth or Google Maps.

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