Consolidating on Blades to Cut Costs, Improve Availability

When a major European telecommunications company decided to consolidate its infrastructure so it could more efficiently run multiple Oracle databases, it turned to HP for a blade-based solution, and the results were spectacular. Like many enterprises, the [...]

Blade Economics – The CapEx Advantage

More and more enclosures in more and more data centers are filling with blade servers, and one of the primary reasons is economics. Quite simply, blades deliver the same performance as their rack-optimized counterparts at a [...]

Dell finally goes private under $25B buyout deal

Dean Takahashi After months of debate, Dell’s shareholders have finally agreed to a buyout offer today that would see the company go private. Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell first made a multibillion-dollar offer to take [...]

Facebook jumps $32B in 29 days to blast over 14-month old IPO price

ansik On July 2, Facebook stock was under $25. Today, a week after Facebook reported strong earnings and massive mobile ad sales, the world’s preeminent social network is in the the $37-$38 range, occasionally peeking over [...]

Apple Sells 31.2 Million iPhones in Q3, Crushing Estimates

Apple's iPhone business is alive and well. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company reported selling 31.2 million iPhones in the June quarter, coming in well ahead of Wall Street estimates for about 26 million iPhones. iPad sales, on the [...]

Why is Dan Loeb selling his Yahoo stock? And why now?

Like most of my colleagues, I have been caught in the smog of quarterly financial releases — some good, some bad, many mostly indifferent. Still, all that busy-ness made me almost overlook at that activist investor [...]

Cisco continues acquisition binge, gobbles up Composite Software for $180M

July 9-10, 2013 San Francisco, CA Tickets On Sale Now   Cisco is buying data-virtualization startup Composite Software for $180 million. Composite Software’s technology analyzes data and makes it easier to understand so businesses can [...]

Yahoo continues spending spree by jumping into the bidding fray over Hulu

Yahoo has officially placed a bid to acquire popular video streaming service Hulu. Rumors came out earlier this month that Yahoo was interested in Hulu after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer met with members of Hulu’s executive team. [...]

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